How Unix flavours are more secured from Virus?

 How Unix flavours  are secured from Virus?We all know about the computer virus how it enters and destroys the real source code.


  • A computer virus is a malware program or piece of code that is loaded on to your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes.

Note: Computer virus is man-made.


  • Destroying or infecting one server means collapse of thousands of computers

Linux is architecturally strong and hence very much immune(not totally) to security threads.

For example now suppose a malicious script is written for an rpm based  system i.e, Red-hat,Fedora,Centos,it cant infect a Debian based system and a destructive script written for Debian based OS cant infect an rpm based system (RPM means red hat package manager, Its a  package management utility for red-hat management systems).

More a script that is going to perform a system-wide change needs “root password”.

If the root password is confidential and strong enough the OS is literally secure, Now a windows virus cant contaminate a Linux until wine is installed and run as root, hence it is suggested not to run wine as root.(Wine is open source for Linux that enables users to run any windows based app on Linux)

You cant set a Linux without setting up a root password and user password.It means every user in a Linux must have a password except “Guest” whereas windows allow you to set user and even root account without a password.

Linux is so much secure in architecture that you even don’t need to go behind a firewall until you are on the network.

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