Types of Operating System

Before Getting in to the Unix operating system we should know the types of operating systems available

I would like to explain this in a simple way,I don’t want you guys to get confused by explaining this in very core as it is not required for this know.

There are three different types of operating systems available

1)Single user and Single Task operating system

2)Single user and Multitask operating

3)Multi-user and Multitask operating system

Let us see this types in a detailed way

Single user and Single Task: Single user means the OS which allows only one user to login in to the system and the single task is nothing but that logged in user can perform only one task at a time.

Example we can say ms-dos operating system(It supports only CLI-Command Line interface)

Single user and Multi-task: Single user the same as above I have explained

Let us see what is that multi-task stuff

The logged in user can perform multiple tasks at a time, an example we can say the updated version of Ms-dos win95,XP,7 and many more(we have GUI access in this).A simple example for this, A logged in user running a music player and if he wants to see some video article he could do that without killing the previous task i.e music player.

Multi-user and Multi-task: Multi-user in the sense the operating system which allows a user to switch in to multiple user accounts without log out from your previous logged in account this is called as Multi-user.Now coming to the multi-task it does the same as multi-user (i have explained above already).
So for the multi-user and multi-task, i would say Unix and its flavors as an example.

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